Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Room 101

Room 101 I was considering what three things to consign to the oblivion of Room 101. I like the concept, it raises many questions, it presents an opportunity, lightheartedly all be it, to consider what my likes and dislikes are! Room 101 is a fictional place where you can dispel things that would never see the light of day again. Tempting to rid the consciousness of the irritating, the patronising, the annoying. Tempting to be well rid of opposites, or ideas, or philosophies too. Tempting to get rid of evil, sin and death but I do not have a Messiah complex! Such lofty aspects of living are not for such an exercise as Room 101. I was heartened that Jeremy Kyle, his show, and all the bear bating, moronic nonsense that comes with it, has already been cast into the everlasting darkness of Room 101.  Where to begin, three wishes as it were, what three things to cast into Room 101? Well three things for me are   1. Jedward 2.Nuevo Cuisine 3. Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra Over paid footballers I am sure we could all consider our own reasons for our own choices. Here are mine. I have nothing against Jedward as human beings. Thy are annoying but that is not the reason for throwing them not Room 101. It is what they represent, little talent,  inflated self opinion, the culture of get famous for famous sake. True they work hard, but they induce an unrealistic vision of life for their wannabe followers. I suppose it is the likes of Celebrity Big Brother, I'm a celebrity get me out of here,  X-Factor, Dancing on Ice type shows that spawn the shallow pool of ambition, fame and wealth, that is jumped into by generations unwilling or unable to pursue life. There are those content to wallow in chasing the glamour and glitter of fame.  Maybe the escapism found here is to be applauded. I find it all a bit sad! Nuevo Cuisine  is most annoying and unsatisfying! Ordering food from a menu that describes a hearty meal, for example beef, with red cabbage, on a bed of mash, some kind of vegetable pur√©e and a jus of some kind  arrives on a funky shaped small plate arranged to look nice but offering a meal that does not fill the hunger! It does not satisfy and is a waste of hard earned money. I like my food, I like to get good value on what I order! I like tasty food that does not disappear after one mouthful.  I would love to see the back of Prima Donna, pampered, over paid footballers and their petty arguments and tantrums! Without the brain cells or moral backbone they are happy to exploit the passion of those who pay to see them (maybe they are as much to blame!) Many of them want to be in nightclubs or gossip magazines, happy to take but not so willing to give (not all of them by any means, there are those who do give back) The rolling on the floor or diving to get other players booked and sent off is symptomatic of the malaise in football. Being paid more money in a month that many see in a lifetime of work increases my frustration in the direction football is taking. Some footballers seem unable to translate that what they do on and off the pitch influences young impressionable devotees. At Aston Villa a day after Luis Saurez failed to shake Patrice Evra's hand the child mascot at Villa did the same with the child mascot from Man City passing by without shaking his hand. Bring back the love of playing the game and consign the overinflated egos and wages of modern footballers into Room 101 please! Stopping at three is good therapy! 


Priests Housekeeper said...

Well said Father! That is a fine passionate piece of writing.
Especially the part about the overpaid footballers. I noted the rudeness of the Mascots, these footballers are there to give the youth an example to aspire to.
How sad.
Take the best care,
God Bless,

Fr Patrick said...

Hi Ann hope you are well.

Fr B who is with me for a few days in Stratford says his three for Room 101 are

1. The word absolutely in a sentence
2. The words guys used when addressing a group a table in a restaurant
3. Loud Background music in restaurants. So no conversation can be held.

God bless

EFpastor emeritus said...

I could think of some bloggers but would have difficulty choosing THREE! :-)

Priests Housekeeper said...

Hi Father,
Yes here we are fine. We had the Nuncio here with us on Saturday for the Anniversay Mass at The Cathedral. Followed by a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!

Those are good choices, your FR.B sounds pretty cool!
Canon sends his kindest regards,
Keep well,

Fr Patrick said...

Hi EFpastor, there are days when it seems so!

Ann, Fr B laughed at being called cool, he is 80 in April but still running a parish and chaplain to a prison!