Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ask, Invite, Pray

Ask, Invite, Pray

Ask him, he waits; do not flee, or worry about being unworthy
Invite Christ’s voice to find you, for his question is a heartfelt plea
Pray for generosity, for he says; come now, will you follow me?

Fr. Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Sunday, 23 August 2015



My heart keeps a vigil in prayer
My waking soul accompanies it there
My body seeks the bread of eternity
To accompany me upon life’s arduous journey 

Sacred words are spoken softly, reverently
This expectant heart receives them gently, joyfully
Lord receive my humble prayer of invocation
As I behold your presence in each daily consecration. 

Fr. Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Friday, 21 August 2015

August Is Busy!

August is Busy!
A busy week flashes by, as does this month, and this year too! Parishes don’t stop still in August, the schools are shut, but the Church doors remain open. The church here in Cannock has seen this month, a wedding, funerals, daily celebration of Masses, trips away, afternoon tea, wonderful feast days; such as the Assumption, St Maximilian Kolbe, St Bernard, to name a few! Administration continues in the parish, there are bills to pay, meetings to arrange for future events, care of the sick, and enquiries from phones, emails and letters too! I have found the time to cook; Curries and Cottage Pies, at the forefront of my efforts! The Sunday readings have had a familiar ring about them during August, presenting Jesus, the Bread of Life, and all the implications for faith of that. The middle of the year affords the opportunity of looking back as well as looking forward. The theme I find spiritually in August, is of thanksgiving, reminding me to be thankful for the gifts of grace that God alone brings, and the joy of friendship, of family and faith too. I look back to what has gone and look forward to what is to come, all in the knowledge of Jesus, the Bread for life, the way, and the truth of life too!
Pope Pius XII said in 1950
“The Immaculate mother of God, the ever-Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life was assumed body and soul into heaven”
With these words the pilgrim people look forward with hope, to being guided by Mary to where Christ her Son is.
Liverpool Girl Coming Home.
Cilla Black’s funeral took place this week. Poignant, sad, moving and hopeful too. She was described as a Liverpool girl coming home. The loving shards of humour and treasured reminiscences were present in the tributes paid during her Requiem Mass. Sir Cliff spoke about death as a hiccup in their relationship, and yet there is the hope of sharing friendship once more. The opening Prayer of the Mass sums up beautifully the hope of Christianity. May Cilla rest in peace.
Lord Jesus, our Redeemer,
you willingly gave yourself up to death,
so that all might be saved and pass from death to life.
We ask you to comfort your servants in their grief
and to receive Cilla into the arms of your mercy.
You alone are the Holy One, you are mercy itself;
by dying you unlocked the gates of life
for those who believe in you.
Forgive Cilla her sins
and grant her a place of happiness, light and peace
in the kingdom of your glory for ever.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Mary, gentle maiden, determined, resolute, filled with God’s grace
Mother of Christ, assumed body and soul, the first of all the human race
Joy caressed her, hope surrounded her, love magnified her pierced heart
Faithfulness blest her, she awoke to heaven body and soul, sinless from the start.
Fr. Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I Have Found The One Whom My Heart Loves. Song of Songs 3:4

I have found the one whom my hearts loves. Song of Songs 3:4
I have found the one whom my heart loves… this line from the Song of Songs is repeated four times to emphasis the strong emotion and human desire contained in its cry. The call to the priesthood is a vocation to continually seek the presence of the “one whom my heart loves.” The priesthood is a many faceted occupation, but at its heart is the pursuit of the “one whom my heart loves.” On ordination day a new priest’s heart cries out with the Song of Songs in a rush of emotion; echoing the first disciples who initially heard the voice of Christ beckoning, calling them to follow him. Each further day of the priesthood is a resolve to rejoice in the hearts find.
There are days that flow one to another without much happening, there are non-startling days, working days, and humdrum days, and there are profound days too. As a priest, with time flying by, there are humbling days, challenging days, incredible, faith filled days, within this differing days there is a constant concrete expression of hope, and that is each day when the words of the Mass are prayed, for it is then that the heart is saying with simple faith… I have found the one whom my heart loves, and here is where I will continue to pursue that one.
I thank God for the gift of the Mass, the continued, perpetual presence of Christ, and I pray daily, for an increase in vocations to the priesthood.
The One Whom My Heart Loves
A soothing whisper is half heard in the shadows of deepening faith, as I ponder what kind of person God wants me to be.
Getting louder, it speaks one word, “follow” it grabs my wavering attention, speaking further, it cries out again, this time; "follow me!"
I falter, I hesitate, not I surely, for I would never be worthy.
In fact I thought you had to be very holy, in truth, I am just quite ordinary.
The voice calling turns into a command, love me, it says so softly, serve me, follow where I lead.
I protest, my unsuitability I plead, then my eyes are drawn to the cross where I see my Saviour bleed.
In my heart I know I must act upon these precious words I am hearing.
Discern their meaning, understand this vocation, my purpose, my reason for being.
For I have found the one whom my heart loves.
I will follow his voice, rejoice in his presence, the one whom my heart loves!

Fr Patrick Brennan © 2015
all rights reserved

Monday, 10 August 2015

God's Perfect Love

God’s Perfect Love 

A gift was given, freely bestowed
A word was spoken, divine grace flowed
Love swooped down to a lowly stable, in a humble birth
In this most fragile moment, heaven gently kissed the earth!

Fr. Patrick Brennan © all rights reserved