Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sunday Homily Notes: 14th Sunday Year B

Prophetic role of the Church.
The Church walks with people upon their journey, within this “walking with” it has a role as a tolerant and firm teacher. The teaching is presented and people have a free choice to make. The choice is to continue with Christ upon that journey through life; safe in the secure foundation of the Church founded upon Christ and safeguarded by the apostles, a tradition lived and prayed for centuries. Or to walk away, and find another path for the journey. Baptism is the entry into this journey, this walking with the Church, this journey with Christ. As life’s journey continues we can walk close to Christ, or keep him at a distance.
The Church has a prophetic role to play in the life of its people. This role is about witness and conversion, it is about social justice, and a care and concern for the weakest and most vulnerable in society. Here, the Church offers a clear vision for life, where love is the champion over hatred or evil.
Sometimes there is a conflict between the prophetic role of the Church, and lifestyles, ideologies, or the perception and purpose of life. In those moments people are to choose. Sometimes that choice involves a suppression of the voice that the Church speaks.
Who died and made you God? Is a phrase used about the teaching of the Church. Well Jesus did, he died and entrusted his Church to Peter and the subsequent generations. The Church is called to be a prophetic voice for the world. Now a prophetic voice is not often popular! The first reading sees God telling the prophet to deliver a very difficult message to the people because of their unfaithfulness the temple would be destroyed. It was not well received! It did not end well for Ezekiel but the truth of God was important to him and in love he spoke the message. Jesus was not accepted by his own in the gospel today.
Our choices are before us each day; we take up the cross and endeavour to live each day as a member of the Catholic Church. Our being a member of the Church might bring us scorn, ridicule, hatred or persecution. It might be easier to walk away and travel an easier route in life. The choice is ours.
When we seek to learn what the Church teaches and why it teaches it, the choice becomes more informed. Being a member of the Church impels us to learn about Christ, to be active in our membership, to seek to take part, to get involved. Being a member of the Church calls us to be prophets, filled with God’s word and a resolve to share that word with others.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Claret and Blue

Claret and Blue
The game begins, the advance of claret and blue
Giving of your best is the thing that defines you
Playing with a smile, with an air of entertainment
Involving the heart, measures successes attainment
Each season, sheer joy visits through the turnstiles
Tickets exchange for the privilege of different styles
Attacking with a sense of purpose, winning matters
Playing for the shirt, inspiring jubilant fans chatters
Songs ring out from the terraces, as the tackles fly
Yippie Aye Eh! Yippie Aye Oh, Holtenders in the sky!

Fr Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Wednesday, 1 July 2015



Tenderly enfolded in divine arms after sins admission,
Gently, mercifully, experiencing an overwhelming feeling of being forgiven.
Lightness of step returns, fresh spring replaces furious winter,
Faults laid bare, weakness revealed, humbled, in this sacramental encounter. 

Fr. Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Monday, 22 June 2015


Seeking a word, in a quiet space
Finding a voice, in a silent place
A call, a command, an instruction
A life, a vocation, an invitation:
Despite protest, obvious weakness
A path leads to prospective holiness
Until the light fades, the dawn breaks
The servant sleeps, and a friend awakes!

Fr. Patrick Brennan © all rights reserved

Jesus calls the disciples friends, no longer servants, this verse is inspired by Jesus’ words of calling and vocation in John 15:15.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


The wind howls though the fearful places where life hesitates
A storm rages beyond controlling, when useless fear escalates
Faith sleeps in the corner, serene, untroubled, silent, unmoved
Panic seeks to take centre stage as courage remains unproved
Suddenly awoken the Word speaks, brings a calm, restores peace
Why be frightened, for I am in your midst, let your anxiety cease! 

Fr. Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Based upon this Sunday’s gospel reading for the 12th in Ordinary Time Year B. Jesus promises he will never leave us. At times we find it hard to believe this, we struggle to trust in difficult moments, but Jesus comes good on his promise, he is close to us always. Jesus is our salvation, our hope for heaven, and our joy in life!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Homily Notes 12th Sunday Year B

The image of the disciples in the boat out on the sea in a storm with Jesus asleep is a powerfully reassuring image for the Church today.
Mark presents the disciples in a panic, looking towards a sleeping Jesus and saying do you not care? It would appear to the listener to this parable that the disciples have been abandoned to their fate. Does this sound familiar to us who look at the state of the world and the church and wonder has Jesus abandoned us, left us to our fate?
There is persecution outside of the church, internal strife in the church. The church seems to be growing smaller in the west, with less people coming together to worship each week. Commentators say we live in a post Christian country and that Christianity will be almost totally faded away in the next twenty years or so.
Our life is a whirlwind of confusion and hurtles quickly before us, we have deadlines to meet, families to provide for, bills to pay faith can seem at times to be irrelevant to our needs and our wants. In the context of our lives we can feel that we are in the midst of a storm and feel the same as the early disciples in that boat on the stormy sea…does Jesus not care?
The final part of the parable addresses a very important aspect of life that we can often forget, Jesus awakes and rebukes the disciples calling them men of little faith, and he rebukes the wind and the storm becomes a peaceful calm.
The church is not ours, Christ is the Church, we are called to trust more deeply in him. When our lives are stormy, we are to trust that Christ is with us, and will never leave us. The call is loud from Christ, loud, because it has been spoken from the very beginning until now, and the message from Christ is trust in me, for I will never leave you!