Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Judas's Kiss

Judas's Kiss

The night entered my soul, my heart turned away
Betrayal, a kiss from dry lips, treachery has its day
What you are to do, do quickly, for evil takes a hold
This rabbi said he was God's Son, so his name I sold
Thirty pieces of silver, glittering coins of great worth
Now this heart lies in pieces, I Judas, curse my birth
Lord, What have I done? That kiss sticks in my throat
Remorse equips me with rope, a field, in dry air I’ll float
Fr Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Divine Grace

"Act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:8)

Divine Grace

Divine grace bestowing,
so wonderfully freeing,
with Christ’s Spirit infusing.
An awed excitement knowing,
it’s slightest touch is a revealing,
of an awesome understanding.
An instant forgiving,
a raising of fallen living
by loves command sealing.
An eager awaiting,
an inner groaning,
an eternal longing,
to cooperating,
to caring,
to justice sharing.
Meekly, humbly, walking
a most gentle loving,
a serenity of trusting,
a certainty of hoping,
a crescendo of believing,
a fullness of a loving plans completing. 

Fr Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Holy Week: Silence Descends

For me there is a profound silence within the drama of Holy Week. A silence that descends from prayer. A noble silence that is an acknowledgement of the soul in thanksgiving for Christ. This week is busy for the parish priest. Yet his role within the drama is to allow the words to be told, the story to be proclaimed. Silence is a way of proclaiming the truth of Holy Week, an interior silence that aches for the presence of Christ. As the drama of Holy Week unfolds may the silence that descends from heaven be a part of who we are and sustain us through the emotions contained within this most holy of weeks.

Holy Week: A Silence Descends.

A great silence descends, as Holy Week begins
The whole of creation takes a deep breath, hoping love wins 
That love speaks, a last supper is shared between disciples and beloved Master
His words touch the very core of each hearer, making their hearts beat faster
His body and blood is given, so life may be the victor, death conquered forever
Nourishment for the journey, for spiritual strength, the links to sin to sever
A great silence descends, as the drama is told
In gratitude for the sacrifice that Jesus underwent, a love so bold
A hush hovers over the heads of all believers, who watch this drama unfold
They gather together reverently, listening as the account of the Passion is told
The battle between the powers of darkness and those of light take place
The suffering Servant is led to his crucifixion, the pain etched upon his face
As Holy Week continues onwards, a silence descends
As God’s faithful people resolve to change their minds and make amends.
The people retreat to silent prayer, contemplating the Cross’s profound mystery
Sorrowing, over the harsh cruelty, the bloody savagery of man’s violent legacy
And yet more is to come, the night turns to day, the veil of grief is removed
The triumph of love defeats the ancient enemy, once for all, love’s truth is proved
When the drama and the majesty of Holy Week ends
Heaven’s fresh dewfall covers the earth, as a profound silence descends. 

Fr Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Homily Notes for Palm/ Passion Sunday

Palm Sunday, so named, because the people waved palms and welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem, as a triumphant king in waiting. It marks the beginning of Holy Week.

And the end of this Holy Week Jesus left Jerusalem being tenderly carried by his mother and his closest disciples, from Crucifixion and death, to be lain in a new tomb. Jesus went from the hosannas of welcome and joy, to the stunned silence of grief and tears of sadness. What a contrast this all is. In such quick time as well. But a miracle took place, one that changed the fabric of time and space and resulted in life being immersed in hope, eternal hope.

We begin the devotion of Holy Week, we come to understand the contrast. We pray the steps of our Lord. We feel the emotion of Mary and the disciples. We share the expectant faith of the people who looked forward to salvation. We look at ourselves; examine afresh our lives and we resolve to continue in faith as we have before; if not a little bit more fervently.  

Take part in this Holy Week with true devotion. Seek to understand more fully the sacrifice of the Cross; the unconditional love that is poured out for you. May the steps we take this week dramatically change our hearts of stone; the stone of indifference, of selfishness, of half believing, into a heart of flesh; one moulded in the furnace of the Cross and in the love of our Saviour who died for us, to save us from sin and restore our inheritance as God’s children.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday Again. Holy Week

Friday Again!

Sitting down and the end of another busy week I take in the fact that Holy Week is about to begin. Holy week is described as the most important week of the Year. It is no exaggeration, this week is vital for the life of a Christian. The drama of the week unfolds before us with the script wonderfully written by the Father. The Word became Flesh, the spoken word of love, embracing the Father’s will, takes centre stage. The story is captivating, exciting, and the ending is a massive twist. Death is defeated by life, hate is defeated by love, hope, is restored so that heaven becomes a possibility when sought after by a life faith. In the telling of this week each year, faith grows deeper, takes a firmer hold, this week influences for the good our motivation. Taking part in this week is an important task for the Christian. A rewarding indulgence, an effort worth making to follow Christ towards Calvary and beyond.

Holy Week
Holy Week arrives in the depths of a busy life
Reaching out to weary limbs, with expectation rife
Offering a truth that transforms earthy shadows of grief
Evaporating them with the bright hope of blessed belief

Christ is welcomed to Jerusalem with a hosannas shout
Palms wave in triumphant exaltation, the secret is out
The Messiah rides into town bringing freedom, liberation
Hold high your heads, rejoice, for near is your salvation

In the dark shabby corners evil plots a different course
Leading to betrayal, thirty silver pieces of Judas’s remorse
Jesus celebrates the Passover “do this in memory of me”
Proclaim these words of love, speak them often, eternally

The garden brings tears of agony, yet God’s will be done
A kiss in the dead of night, silence grips the heart of the Son
Nothing to say King of Kings? A lamb before its shearer
Washing hands, indifferent to the suffering brought nearer

A scourging, before embarking on his sorrowful journey
Ending in bloody crucifixion at the furthest end of Calvary
As they all walk away with heads bowed low, tears falling
His lifeless body is gently lain to rest, new life came calling

Risen as he said he would, death was defeated, sin crushed
Appearing before his disciples whose hearts were hushed
He shared with them his peace and a miracle to proclaim
Go out to the whole world, for nothing will ever be the same!

Fr. Patrick Brennan 2015 ©

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Jeremiah Patrick Carey "Jerry"

I celebrated today the requiem Mass for Jerry Carey. A parishioner from St Wilfrid's Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, who was born in Kerry. I enjoyed his company, his hospitality and his dear friendship. I will miss him, but content myself with the faith we share in Jesus Christ.

One day when the stars shine particularly brightly, when the sun caresses the evening of my days and I hear a familiar whisper, softly beckoning to me, I will smile. For then I will be filled with the hope of sharing friendships that for the moment drift away from my sight,  but then will be rejoiced in once more.

I wrote this poem for Jerry. God bless you, my dear friend.

A cup of tea, a favourite chair, a place to rejoice in the sun
A rock of support, a faithful friend, a devout prayerful man
Walking down memories road, weaving a pattern of smiles
Whistling, singing, entertaining one and all, lasting the miles
Family, faith, kept those flames alive, a loving lasting legacy
Earth’s choir bids farewell, Jerry adorns his gown of eternity. 

Fr. Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved